Prado Day 2, A Relaxing Respite

We are exhausted after the long weekend, but had such a good time at Prado, and cannot say enough.  Today brought us warm sun and breezy conditions, a second visit from President Lincoln, visits with our friends, and time to make new friends.  Mrs Brewer left the parlor for a spell during the morning and shopped until her carpet bag could hold no more goods!  Mrs Marvel later visited with the seamstress to discuss new unmentionables, and then found a pair of dolls for Melody and a purple fan, purple being her new favorite color.  Mrs Marshall graced us with a recital on her recorder and the music could be heard well into the camps and shops.  It was a more quiet day which was a welcome respite from the frenetic activity of Saturday.  Many suttlers and reenactors were excitedly discussing the upcoming event at El Dorado Park in Long Beach, CA.  We will be there too!

Our next outings will be a split group.  Mrs Marshall will be at Calico Ghost Town, Yermo, CA on May 8th, and Mrs Marvel and Mrs Brewer will be visiting the new ACWS event at Fairview Park in Costa Mesa, CA on May 9th.  Perhaps our paths will cross yours at these events, or at another soon.


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