Darling Sister, What News!

Darling Sister Elizabeth,

There is so much to tell this writing. We have all been well and husband is busy traveling to visit his brother at present. I, myself, am preparing for the visit of our dear sister, Mrs. Mattie Marvel, and traveling companion, Mrs. Maggie Marshall, this upcoming October. Their visit is looked upon with joy and adventure. You remember such adventures we had as children in New York. I have the rugs and linens airing as this is written as the weather is so beautiful this September day.

I have heard tell of a traveling show coming to our county this October 3 and 4. I do not know what to make of it as I have heard it described in several different ways. One being likened to Mr. Barnum’s circus; another being likened to a traveling troupe presenting exposes of traditional life of the past, present and future. The banners being posted throughout town and the county proclaim this to be Marching Through History. I can understand Roman times through 1877 but I am uncertain as to the references of “Vietnam War”. In my travels across our great country I have not heard tell of this but understand it is a country in the Orient, perhaps near China or Japan, of which I do know of.

I have it on first hand knowledge that Father will be in attendance on one or both days of the Marching Through History show. He has sent a missive advising that Mr. Rivers will be joining us for supper on Saturday. I had better make haste to have the larder stocked for such hungry gentleman at the table with us. I know that husband is most appreciative that Father will be in attendance with us. You know how worrisome my dearest husband can be when he is away from our fair home.

I have a letter in hand from Mrs. Lucy Lane of Calico, California. She is going on and on regarding a rather large silver strike at a mine near the town. At present, town is not that large and consists of a population of 20. She and her husband anticipate a large boom as soon as word gets around of the strike. With their ownership of the mercantile this will be beneficial for them. We have obtained an invitation to visit October 10. It will be at least an eight hour trip by stage and completely dusty as we cross the barren desert to get there. I fear having to hire a buggy or buckboard upon reaching Barstow as neither conveyance is as comfortable as the stage will be. It is most unfortunate that the train does not go out to Calico but only passes by. I do not think the conductor will stop on the account of our visit.

Mrs. Lane has alluded to a festival being held October 10 and 11 described as Calico Days. It is my understanding that there will be a parade up the main street, as they only have one street, with the fire department, local dignitaries, miners, and a 20 mule team from the Borax mine – quite impressive to see, I must say. This is only hearsay at the moment because this is from a politician. As in any town, a politician has grandiose ideas and will present them with flair to promote his own gain. I am sure there will be an egg toss and other such games for our dear niece, Melody, should she venture out with us.

Darling, Elizabeth, my time grows short this day. The garden is in need of tending and I expect the ice truck to come by shortly. As always, I enjoy our letters across the country and so fondly wish we were not so far apart. I will continue to check the post for your next missive as it always brings joy to me to see your lovely handwriting bringing me news of our childhood home. Our sister, Mrs. Marshall, and I will endeavor to avail you with our experiences and adventures of our trip to Marching Through History and our visit with Mrs. Lane.

As always,
Your loving sister – Caroline


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