A note from home

Dear cousin, Mattie,

I was most delighted by the newspaper clipping sent to me by my brother, which discussed a most fascinating event, called Marching Thru History. Count me surprised to have heard you were in attendance with cousin Caroline and Mrs Marshall! A broadside has circulated with fantastic images of the many representations of time periods past, present and future. I am quite proud of you girls for sharing you skills of quilting, tatting and knitting with the attendees of the event, and I hear also that you entertained the captain and sergeant of the 7th Calvary unit which was in attendance! Whether at home or far distant, you all share of yourself so freely with others, and I call you fine representatives of our family there in distant California.

I hope you will find the time to write me soon and tell more about this escapade of yours, for it surely looks to have a smattering of all and sundry to explore, though I am afraid I do not understand these future representations of World War 1, World War 2, and Vietnam. After the frightening loss of life suffered during the historic War of Southern Secession how can we even conceive of a war that encompasses the entire world, let alone two such wars! and I don’t know if I can even find this place Vietnam on the globe. We can only hope that these future representations are merely fantasy, and not some prediction that shall come true!

For now, I remain your humble servant,
Selden Brewer


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