Return Visit to Calico

Dear Sister,

I’ve just received a letter from Lucy Lane, thanking us for our visit last month and inviting us out to celebrate the Harvest with her and her family and friends at Calico, CA. Assuming we can get tickets on the Butterfield stage again, I think this would be a nice visit. She said they are planning a town festival on November 28th and 29th to include music, harvest crafts and activities. Perhaps we can take some poppets to entertain the little girls? I have fabric scraps and some of Mr Marvel’s old handkerchiefs we can use to make up a few.

Please write and we can plan further details of our excursion, but unless I hear otherwise, I will plan on our going to visit on the 28th. Should you see Maggie, please share this with her, as I know she would enjoy the trip as well having missed our last adventure in October.

Your loving sister,


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