An invitation from Mrs Lane

My Dearest Friends,

I once again write to invite you to visit us in our fair town of Calico. We should dearly enjoy a visit November 27 to 29 for our Harvest Festival. The stage is running on all days of late as the silver strike is still in high boom. The town fathers are planning a celebration of thanks and preparation for winter. It will also be the last time we will be able to get together this year as the weather will become too inclement for travel.

I sincerely hope that our dear Maggie is well again and able to travel. We certainly missed her at your last visit. Mrs. Marvel’s daughter is such a joy to have around. Our school teacher, Mr. Witherspoon, asked about her and would enjoy having her for a student when she is older although perhaps a move to Calico is not practicable for your family. Even Smithie, our blacksmith, asks about her. He will be happy to field questions regarding her shoes and horse shoes at any time. Our dear friend Miss Steiner will be able to join us for tea on Saturday and we are all looking forward to a joyous repast with friends and family from near and far.

Mr. Lane and I look forward to your visit as always. You all embody the spirit of friendship and we impatiently await your arrival.

Lucy Lane


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