Poppets for all

My Dear Miss Steiner,

I am aggrieved that I did not see you during our visit to Calico this Saturday past. Although the weather was cold and wet, we endeavored to enjoy our visit none the less. The young folks toured the town, making visits to the various merchants and paid their respects at the cemetery. We matrons spent our time making sweet little poppets which we handed out to young girls traveling with their families across the desert. It is such a long trip from Las Vegas to Los Angeles and Calico is the perfect stopping point along the route. We believe as many as 80 of our poppets will be entertaining these fine girls for many days and weeks to come. It is most fortunate that we happened to have enough fabric and supplies for the little dolls.

I have enclosed for your perusal the instructions on how to make a simple poppet as you had requested them when last we spoke. Hopefully they will be simple enough. Please share them as you wish.

Until our next visit, I remain,
Your friend,


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