Father’s woodworking tools

Dearest cousin Selden,

I’m saddened to say that after many years of lovingly creating fine cabinets, clocks, and toys for all of us, Father must part with his beloved woodworking tools. His poor back simply aches something terrible if he stands for too long, and now that he and Mother are planning to move to a smaller home, the old shop must be dismantled.

We have listed his prized possession – the DeWalt Radial Arm Unit with Black & Decker Saw – with the eBay mercantile and auction house. I know he would be delighted for one of his sons in law to continue with the woodworking tradition, but my John is simply a numbers man, after all.

If you would be so kind as to mention to your friends and neighbors that this fine piece of machinery is available for the most reasonable price of $295, I know Father would be deeply appreciative, and perhaps if someone were to use it with the love of woodworking Father did, it would be just fine.

Most sincerely,


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1 Response to Father’s woodworking tools

  1. Caroline Brewer says:

    My dearest friends,

    I am happy to announce that Father’s DeWalt saw was sold over the last weekend. A very nice gentleman brought his Honda wagon over to load the saw onto. After a little bit of disassembly the saw was loaded and we waved a sorrowful goodbye to a much loved possession.


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