Troops Seen Massing at Prado Regional Park

My Dearest Husband,

Time draws onward and I find myself missing you terribly. I do hope you are keeping well out in the elements with the Army and that my last letter arrived with the blanket intact. Spring is starting to blossom in the garden. The bulbs are sending their stems skyward and I eagerly anticipate the burst of color their blooms will bring to brighten my days.

As every day passes we hear terrible news from the front lines of the war. Just last week Mrs. Henderson received word that her son was killed in action down in South Carolina. It is such a tragedy that his mortal remains will stay down in the south so far away from his mother. She wept with such great sorrow, but has turned her attention to her grandchildren who will need her and Mr. Henderson now all the more.

On lighter news we had word that your cousin, Lieutenant George Brewer, is back in port with his shipmates in the Navy for a week or so. Dear Margaret is so happy to be with him for even a short time.

While the news here is both happy and sad, the war has been creeping ever closer to our own door step. By April we will be hearing cannon as close as Prado Regional Park. This is almost more than we should hope to bear, but word is out that the Federal troops will be bivouacking there, which undoubtedly will bring Confederate troops not too far behind them. I just know that our boys will prevail and take the day. There will also be time for some visiting with old friends at this time, too. Widow Peters from Kansas Mercantile will be passing through with her wares, as she follows the army on its marches. I do hope we will be able to make a visit to her humble establishment at that time without thought of injury from gun fire.

As always, my dearest husband, you are next to my heart in thought and prayer. I long for the day when I see you come up the walk to stay home permanently.

Until then, I remain your faithful wife,



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