Troops moving on toward Vista

Dear Mother and Father,

I write to allay your fears and to assure you that Caroline and I, Melody and her father, Mrs Marshall and her family, all are safe and the armies have moved on from Prado Park. The battles were fierce, frightening and intense. The damage to the local countryside is very bad, with craters left from the mortar fire that rained down from above and the hills scarred with the breastworks built as deterrents to the opposers.

The contingent of soldiers left to supervise the burial detail have shown themselves to be fine and humble men tasked with the terrible responsibility of sorting out the dead and interring them. Furthermore, they have hired out some local men to remove the corpses of the many horses left on the field. It saddens me to see such a great loss of life of young men and livestock that could be put to such greater use to further our nation!

We hear that the troops are moving south and massing near Vista, California. Our hope is that the result will be much similar to that at Picachoo Pass out in Arizona. To settle the disputes without further loss of life would be the best outcome, though out here we do not get news until it is quite old and I ask that you please let us know if there is any chance for diplomacy any longer.

I have just finished a new dress for Melody, as she is moving into her short skirts! She is quite the little charmer and enjoyed twirling her skirts around her, much as Caroline and I did as girls. How the time flies so quickly. I will write again soon, dearest parents, and pray that you are well and safe.

Your loving daughter,



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