Old Fort MacArthur Days

Dearest Cousin Selden,

I must tell you about the most fabulous event that is quickly approaching! The event is called the Old Fort MacArthur Days. It is a history timeline with representatives from historical times up through the modern and into the future! It sounds quite similar to the event I wrote you about last year. We are so excited to attend, as there will be Roman Guards, Vikings, English Civil War persona, Colonial American, Californios, Mexicans, Dragoons, and much much more! Of course, we will be there representing the ladies of good moral character tending the home and hearth, and we fervently hope that we will not be forced to be in the proximity of those other ladies who do not share our fortitude. I’m quite sure you can hear me huff just at the thought of it!

Selden, I do so wish you could attend. If by chance you find yourself with a moment of time, please read this page to learn more about it. The event fast approaches on July 10th and 11th, just to the north of us in San Pedro. There is a fort there, you know. You will find us in the Frontier Area, I suppose. Funny to think that this is still considered the frontier, when really we are quite civilized these days. Just last month, the First Antioch Baptist Church was founded to the delight of our friends and neighbors. Furthermore, we have even got a newspaper. Surely that is civilized?

Ever your devoted cousin,


P.S. Just look at these photographs I have enclosed. While the Roman guard is impressive, and the Redcoats are virtually laughable in their bright red uniforms, the futuristic vehicle is perfectly hideous and terrifying!


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2 Responses to Old Fort MacArthur Days

  1. Mrs. Brewer says:

    Dearest Sister,

    Time is rapidly approaching for me to journey to your humble abode this weekend. I am looking forward to spending time with you and the family as we then journey to San Pedro. I am a bit nervous regarding that futuristic vehicle but feel with Father there all should be well. Mrs. Marshall will have her nephew with her on her journey southward to us. I look forward to meeting him again. Since we will be so close to the ocean I look forward to seeing the tall ships as they come into and out of port.


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