We survived the pirate raid

My Dear Sister Caroline,

I spent the weekend with Cousin Selden and heard about the history time line at Old Fort MacArthur. I truly wish I was able to accompany you. The newspaper ran drawings of some of the action, which was quite impressive, I must admit! I received a letter from Mother who said that Father was with you most of the time and that they have a new high sprung Ford wagon. I am so happy to hear that Father will be traveling in more comfort these days.

The newspapers have stories of pirate raids at the Old Fort while you were there, and that a troop of cowboys were well armed and able to run them off in fairly short order. I hope everyone in your household weathered the raids and there was no loss of property or life. I understand that Mrs. Marshall had her nephew with her and I dearly hope he was not conscripted. He is such a quiet and polite boy. Although you likely would have let us know if something as wretched as that had occurred.

I have seen in the newspapers that the war will be settling close to your home soon. The predictions are at the end of July and early August in El Dorado Park in Long Beach, California. I do hope everyone will come through without a scratch to body, home and hearth. It comforts me to know that you have pooled resources and live in your home together with Mattie and Mrs. Marshall. I worry for you while your men folk are away with the war.

I have a new recipe for Upside Down Prune Cake from Mother.  It is quite delicious and has become a favorite here.  I hope you will enjoy it.  Keep safe and away from the war as best you can.

You devoted sister,



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