Baby Shoe Pattern

Dearest Mrs. Castillo,

I so enjoyed visiting with you Saturday last and playing with your precious new baby boy Maximiliano! He will certainly be a delight to you and Mr. Castillo, and a great friend to his older brother Alejandro. The baby days flee so quickly, do they not?

As promised, I have enclosed the pattern to make the baby shoes. They are quite versatile and I made a pair for Melody once she began toddling around. You will find these shoes very easy to assemble and comfortable for the baby as well. While the shoes can be made for a baby who is not walking, you could also make them with a leather sole, as I did.

First, trace this pattern here to the size of Maximiliano’s foot and then cut it out of wool or any other soft and fleecy material. You should stitch around the inside curved section of the shoe top so that it does not stretch out of shape. Next, take the right sides together and sew up the single straight edge of the shoe top with a narrow seam. That piece goes at the heel. If you will be making a slipper to wear indoors, you can sew the sole on wrong side to wrong side. If you will be making a shoe to wear outdoors, place them right sides together. Stitch all the way round with a narrow seam and then cut the curves, then turn the shoe right side out. Next you will sew a snap into place on the strap. I have enclosed a few photographs to assist you.

I hope to visit with you again soon and watch little Max grow up into a fine young man!

Your friend,

Mattie Marvel

Shoe Upper showing stitching

Shoe Upper showing stitching

Shoe stitched and notched before turning

Turned shoe showing leather sole

Infant shoes, wool felt with sueded leather soles


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2 Responses to Baby Shoe Pattern

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  2. Mikki Mccoon says:

    Nice shoes…

    Mikki Mccoon

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