My dear Mrs. McCoy,

I am overjoyed that you and and your husband will be traveling to our home this spring for a visit. It has been  quite some time since last you were here. I greatly miss our time together with us so far apart. Letters are just not the same as you sitting in my parlour for a good gossip! The days are quite pleasant and the garden is just beginning to bloom. If weather permits, perhaps we will enjoy afternoon tea on the veranda during your visit.

I pray for your safe journey to our little town. Our townspeople fervently hope that we will have a rail stop in the not so distant future. If that should happen, it will improve travel quite significantly and bring much needed business to our community. But as with all things, the war has put such on hold and we must be patient.

I read in the newspaper that the armies are moving in such a way that there may be skirmishing nearby — but do not fear! We should be safe and away from any battle that may erupt. Last year there was a bit of a fuss and we did leave the house for a bit. We returned to see only a broken window or two. Some of the townspeople ventured to the hillside where there was an impressive view of the battle taking place in the nearby meadows. If trouble does move our way, I have confidence that our good soldiers will keep our neighborhood safe from the enemy.

If the army camps nearby, there the sutlers will follow with wares of all types for sale or barter.Their prices are so terribly inflated! But, what can we do? They import luxuries that are difficult to obtain in these tumultuous times. Oh! how I long for French Lavendar to mix in my soaps. But I must not complain, for we are are not behind the blockade. I have heard rumours of the many difficulties in obtaining even the barest necessities in places wasted by battle.

Both Mrs. Marvel and Mrs. Marshall wish me to send their good wishes for safe travel. They hope to join us for tea one afternoon during your stay, if business at the bookshop will allow. Business there has been quite steady in spite of the war. Many come to us for the latest news of the battles. I also believe that some look for escape from their daily woes within the pages of a book.

We are keeping ourselves together quite well. I look forward to seeing you soon.


Mrs. Caroline Brewer


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