Orange Empire Railway Museum – May 16/17

An old event we loved and sorely missed has been reestablished! The Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris, CA has added a Civil War history event to their calendar, taking place May 16-17, 2015. One of the first times I wore a proper dress and attended a ladies tea was many years ago at OERM. This year, Mrs. Brewer’s Parlour and Marvel & Marshall Bookshop will be set up to demonstrate crafts, as well as have our period booklets available.

Booklets include original versions of popular fairy tales…did you know the Little Mermaid doesn’t get the boy at the end? Our modern day versions have been cleaned up to appeal to children, but these original versions appealed to children too! Is it possible children are able to accept some of the less pretty realities of being a Prince or Princess of history? Find out for yourself. Books also include works for gentlemen, such as baseball rules of 1860, and proper beard grooming techniques; works for women, such as recipes for preserves, a humorous tale of a young lady who just has “nothing to wear” to an upcoming party; and many works for children of all ages.

Click through to the OERM page for address and directions. Admission is reasonable, AND this will also be the weekend the steam trains will be running, so there will be plenty of really fun stuff for everyone. Click here for the Facebook event information if you are a living historian or enthusiast – you could attend in your period finery too!


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