Fiesta de Pio Pico

We have been exploring some of the local California history recently and discovered some lovely, small events celebrating Southern California heritage. In May we visited the Workman-Temple Home in Whittier, CA for their afternoon Victorian Fair. While there, we were told about the Fiesta de Pio Pico, taking place on June 13th.

Flier for Fiesta de Pio Pico

The event is FREE and takes place in Whittier, CA. While we have not attended in the past, if it is anything like the Workman-Temple event, it will be a lovely step back in time. Pio Pico was the last governor of Mexican Alta California before California became a Republic in 1846. We joined the United States in 1850.

It looks like this event is set to show off some of California’s great history – adobe brick making, gold panning, dance and music. You can also tour the adobe home – called El Ranchito by Pio Pico, even though it sat on over 8000 acres of land. El Ranchito of course translates as “little ranch”.  I think Pio Pico must have had a sense of humor. :-)

We plan to stop by the event in our 1860s dress and hope you will come find us there!

Further reading:

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