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My dear Mrs. McCoy, I am overjoyed that you and and your husband will be traveling to our home this spring for a visit. It has been  quite some time since last you were here. I greatly miss our time together with us so … Continue reading

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So, you want to be a reenactor…

We are often asked during the course of an event how we became reenactors, as well as how we got set up with all our accouterments. As a group we have been together now for over ten years, working closely … Continue reading

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Recently we were asked to put together an educational program for a senior center. Mrs Brewer (aka Kathy) contacted some of our friends in the Civil War reenacting community to find out if they would be interested and available. Due … Continue reading

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The latest in tailoring

August 1900 Dear sister, I enclose for your perusal a copy of the latest tailoring guide from the Dobbs Brothers entitled the United States Tailor System. You would use this along with your French curve to draft patterns much more … Continue reading

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The Spring Campaign Has Begun

April 1861 Dearest Mother, I write to let you know that we are safe. The fighting came close to town as the Union boys are quite infused with the fervor to trounce the Confederates quickly and send them back home. … Continue reading

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Baby Shoe Pattern

Dearest Mrs. Castillo, I so enjoyed visiting with you Saturday last and playing with your precious new baby boy Maximiliano! He will certainly be a delight to you and Mr. Castillo, and a great friend to his older brother Alejandro. … Continue reading

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My dear friend Maggie, I thought you might like this photograph of us that was made in August while we picnicked in the park. I thought it such a lovely image of the four of us, I had one made … Continue reading

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Distant relations

Dear Mother, You will be delighted to learn that I have come across a distant relation recently. We had the great pleasure of visiting with Senator Jefferson Davis and his wife, Varina Davis, over the past week end. Politics aside, … Continue reading

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