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General catch all for Civil War era

Drum Barracks Civil War Museum

Dear Friends, As time passes after the terrible war between the North and the Southern states of our great nation, we begin to commemorate the actions and the many sacrifices made by the men who fought in that war.  Our … Continue reading

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A letter to our dear cousin

Dearest cousin, Faithful reader, you are so kind to grace these pages again! My simple words and phrasing shall hopefully express all of the sights and sounds to take in during the recent unpleasantness which took place at Huntington Beach, … Continue reading

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Huntington Beach Civil War

Benefiting the Huntington Beach Historical Society, the annual Huntington Beach Civil War Encampment is coming up fast on September 5-6! We are really excited about this as it will be our first time there with our parlour. In the past … Continue reading

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Two movies from El Dorado Civil War Encampment

Having checked the website for WorldVideo.TV, I have discovered two movies that were posted after the Civil War encampment at El Dorado Park in Long Beach.  They have a little bit of everything, civilians, battle, and music. The movies are … Continue reading

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El Dorado a Smashing Success!

We are recently returned from our foray to the El Dorado Park Civil War Encampment in Long Beach, CA and must report it as an unqualified success!  It was a bit sketchy at first on set-up day, but the ladies … Continue reading

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Lessons in deportment offered, vis a vis the curtsy

Should you find yourself greeting a person of importance, ladies, it is paramount that you execute a proper curtsy.  With the accessibility of our President, Senators and various persons of status, one must show the appropriate decorum and respect as … Continue reading

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El Dorado Park Civil War Encampment

We are very excited about the Civil War Encampment coming up at the end of this month at El Dorado Park in Long Beach, CA!! 2008 was the inaugural year for this event and it was a smashing success. In … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Weekend

As we prepare for our various fetes this weekend, let us ask for safe travels, good friends, and fond memories to be made.  Saturday Mrs Marshall will be demonstrating at the Lucy Lane House Museum at Calico Ghost Town in … Continue reading

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