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Prado Park – 12th Annual Civil War Event

We are excitedly readying ourselves for the 12th Annual Civil War Reenactment at Prado Regional Park, sponsored by the SCCWA. This wonderful event kicks off the season for our group every year and really is a lot of fun! This … Continue reading

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Slates & Slate Pencils

If you have stumbled across this site because you were browsing historical topics, at some point you likely have come across references to school children using slates to perform their work. We all know (somehow, by osmosis perhaps) that a … Continue reading

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So, you want to be a reenactor…

We are often asked during the course of an event how we became reenactors, as well as how we got set up with all our accouterments. As a group we have been together now for over ten years, working closely … Continue reading

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The latest in tailoring

August 1900 Dear sister, I enclose for your perusal a copy of the latest tailoring guide from the Dobbs Brothers entitled the United States Tailor System. You would use this along with your French curve to draft patterns much more … Continue reading

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Baby Shoe Pattern

Dearest Mrs. Castillo, I so enjoyed visiting with you Saturday last and playing with your precious new baby boy Maximiliano! He will certainly be a delight to you and Mr. Castillo, and a great friend to his older brother Alejandro. … Continue reading

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Father’s woodworking tools

Dearest cousin Selden, I’m saddened to say that after many years of lovingly creating fine cabinets, clocks, and toys for all of us, Father must part with his beloved woodworking tools. His poor back simply aches something terrible if he … Continue reading

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