Huntington Beach Civil War

Benefiting the Huntington Beach Historical Society, the annual Huntington Beach Civil War Encampment is coming up fast on September 5-6! We are really excited about this as it will be our first time there with our parlour. In the past we have visited with friends at the encampment, but never to set up. The event is FREE to the public (need a better reason to attend?) and takes place in the lush Huntington Central Park, on the Gothard side. There is plenty of shade, wide paved walkways, grass and of course, we will be there. Details and directions can be found at

You can do a little reenacting yourself without getting into a costume, here’s how: the citizens of Washington DC took picnic lunches out to watch the 1st Battle of Bull Run, a humiliating rout of the Federal troops which resulted in a pell mell retreat. Both Saturday and Sunday in Huntington Beach, there will be battles between Federal and Confederate troops. Bring your own picnic lunch and watch one army surpass the other. It is recommended you bring a blanket or folding chair, and stake out your seat early to get a great view. It is not recommended that you bring your dog due to the numerous artillery blasts and constant rifle barrage during the battles. Battles last from 30-60 minutes.

After the battle (or before, your preference) be sure to tour the military camps to learn about military life during the war, visit the suttlers (merchants) who followed the military selling necessities and some fripperies, and tour the civilian camps to learn about home life while the men were away. Sales of food and drink will benefit the Huntington Beach Historical Society.

And don’t forget, this is the bicentennial anniversary year of Abraham Lincoln’s birth! Meet the great President Lincoln and hear his esteemed speech, The Gettysburg Address.

We hope to see you there!


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